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Chalkboard Tees were created to give you the ultimate creativity in visual or written self-expression. If it's on your mind, say it on your chest! Release your inner artist or express  your political view. Think of the Chalkboard Tee as the mood ring of our generation.  Express how you feel at any given moment and change it up as your mood changes. Have your "status update" for the world to see, even if they haven't accepted your "friend request".


Established in 2002, Fresh off the Press has printed all types of T-shirts for schools and big and small organizations. Fresh off the Press created the 1st Speech Bubble Chalkboard Tee. As the leader in design, we are introducing our own line of Chalkboard Tees.


Our shirts are all uniquely hand printed in Brooklyn, New York on 100% Cotton tees.



Chalkboard T-Shirt
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